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The subject says it all.
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I did not know this was still active!  Does anyone stilluse LJ?
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Hello everyone, this is Miss Jean Louis.  I want to share with you a little adventure that I had a few years ago.

I was holding one of my regular soirees. They are such fun.  Everyone makes a special effort to dress for the occasion and it is a great opportunity to meet new and exciting people.  I myself was wearing a very lovely pink lurex number with a wonderful feather boa.  But enough of me.  I spotted a new person that I had not seen before.  He was so dressed like the good old Queen of England. We got along like a house on fire and soon we were planning a great adventure together.  Miss Jean Louis and Misha as the great explorers.

What larks!  We decided to go on a pony trek across the Andes, with a cavalcade of Llamas. Not easy in high heels and false nails I can tell you.  Our guide was a little surprised but very game. We soon left civilisation far behind and began to climb.  The scenery was beautiful. We were all so distracted that we did not hear the sounds of the Jeep behind us.

Bandits!  We were surrounded.

'Hand over your money' they said.
'We have no money' we replied.
After a very interesting search they agreed that we had no money.
'Then we will hold you to ransom' they said.
They took us to a secret hide out.  It was so secret that they had trouble finding it.They quickly became very drunk. This was our chance!
Using my garter (purple with a little satin bow) I fired pebbles and rocks at them.  They were so astonished that we were able to make our escape.  Myself, Misha, the Guide, the ponies and the Llama raced back down the mountain.

That was the beginning of the beautiful friendship between myself and Misha.
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Just checking this is still working
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  Nearly 2 years since I last posted.  Politics has got worse.  Are we really voting on whether to stay in the EU?  Madness.  Why would we want to leave?  To align with the US or China?
And don't get me started on Trump.
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Nigal farage is the spawn of the devil
A classic rise of the right in response to economic hardship.  Do we learn nothing from history?
it's globalisation that caused this, stupid
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Another year, another great convention.
The registration was a bit  mis managed, but apart from that all went weel.
I won a Misha coffee lounge, which was fun.
And had a lovely photo op with Misha, who said 'hello again' with a lovely smile.
Anf with Jared, a real gentleman.
Should I go again?  Tempting.
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My annual weekend off from my family responsibilities.

I won a diamond upgrade in the prize draw, so I made full use of that.

This report will just be my impressions because I think the tweet summaries cover a lot of the panels.

Group Photo - part of my prize.  It was fantastic, I love it.  For the people before me, Ty had been progressively stripping, right down to his underpants.  He was now in the process of putting his clothes back on.  My photo has Ty putting his socks on, they are all pulling funny faces, Misha has his tongue in Rob's ear and I'm grinning like an Idiot.

Ty - I don't think he was sober all weekend.  Not drunk either, just steady consumption. He started a 10am coffee lounge with bailey coffee and was on the rum at his 11am panel.  He's great fun.  He used to work with sex offenders and is all for judicial killing of perpetrators.  He also said he did not have a happy childhood.  He chatting to everyone at the autographs.  I got my pic signed with him drawing his brains dribbling out of his ears....

Rob, Matt, Richard, DJ - they were their usual great, fun selves.  Just put them in front of an audience and let them talk.  Rob's playing with Jason Mann on on Saturday night was a highlight.  Matt likes to give hugs he said, as it is good for you.

Julien is charming.  He's in the new Superman film!  He and Kim were discussing how hard the industry is on women.  Kim said she would not act if she had her time again, but be a therapist.  She's great:  feisty and upfront.  The producers will not let her be a love interest to Sam and Dean, much to her disgust.  She is only about 10 years older than Jensen.  If it was the other way round with their ages then it would be OK!  She hopes Sheriff Mills is still alive...  Emily Perkins is lovely, tiny and a little bit shy.  She told me she was missing her kids.  Aww.  Rick Worthy - my that man has a lovely voice.  He was lovely and chatty in the autographs too.

Kevin MacNally - of course a lot of the questions were about Pirates of the Caribbean.  He's a good talker too, he has been in lots of TV and film.  He originally wanted to be a physicist.  He said he had a bit of man crush on Johnny Depp, who is great to work with and very funny.

Mark Sheppard.  As grumpy as ever.  He is great in the talks but I'm not sure he likes the autos and certainly does not like the photos.  I had a single photo with him last year and I would feel his heart racing as I posed (Prom pose, so not even scary).  He's very sharp and sarcastic.  He did not want to leave the stage, so when Rob and Richard came on to talk he sat in the audience, just a row behind me.  They made a comment about the amount of work he gets and he called them 'meet Bitter and Twisted'.  Funny, but a bit sharp.

Misha.  The lovely Misha.  On fine form.  I loved the story of how he met his wife, and how his plans for world domination were on hold now he has kids.  He thought that when West was born he would just fit in with their lifestyle, but West had other ideas.  Misha had decided how he would parent and then it all changed. Those of us with kids are familiar with this! He said West is mean.  I think he and Vicky went through a bad patch just after West was born, but they are obviously OK now.  Maison is sweet he says.
He played Twister on stage with 3 other Castiels!  I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

I had a double photo with Misha and Mark.  I like double photos.  I greeted them with 'hello gentlemen' and they laughed.  Pose.  The I could feel Misha's hair against my face.. I thought 'what is he up to?  Just keep looking ahead'.  The photo is wonderful, he is fake kissing me and looking cheekily at the camera.  Naughty man, he's great.

So, a lovely weekend.
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Title says it all really.
A mandatory weeks holiday, forced on me by the employer and I can do nothing I want to do.
Can't hack, can't garden.
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Aslym 8
My annual weekend off my responsibilities, meeting new people and and listening to facinating people talk on stage.

Unfortunately they changed the schedule on the Wed so that there were Fri talks.  So I missed this one.

I had a coffee lounge.

It started by Misha saying that This was interesting.  Instead of  one big conversations we had a lot of little ones.  We were all talking to each other.  He noticed his chair, and the empty VIPones, so sat at the other end.  Then talked about pecking order, and heirarchy.  He picked on a teenage girl to display heirarchy. She hid behind her hair and cried.  At the end he looked over to check she was OK and gave her a hug.

Brief talk about the driving on SPN.  You know we arnt moving, they had staff moving he car?  Sam and Dean wouldn't wear seatbelts IRL but we try to to be a good example.  I mentioned the talking and driving and everyone laughed.

GISHWES.  he wanted to see a steam powered jkt.  His brother got married to his childhood sweetheart  - the copycat - they made their outfits.  His wife made a lovey dress of earth tones.  His brother did too, with a steam generator on the back and pipes, so smoke came out above his head.

Also the bike in Maine story.

At the end, when the steward came over he said? Do I have to be somehwere to sign something?  Vey cutely.


I had my GISHWES record signed.  He looked up really pleased amd said WOw.  Did you enjoy it, so I said yea.  He then asked if I would do it next year, so I said I hope so.  Got it personalised too!  I was walking away as always, trying not to take up too much time

Photo - I said Hi, so he proper smiled.  After, he ran he hand down my back, and when I looked up grinning he winked at me.  A real moment

For the double, at the end both Mark P and M looked at me - very sweet.  Misha gave me quite a long look, I think he's trying to memorise the people he sees.  I like the double photos.  They are fun.

Jim B was bit brusque, as before.  I am not sure why everyone says he's nice.   He is great on stage.

As is DJ Qualls, a real revelation.

Kim Rhodes and Carrie Anne are real live wires. 
Mark P is very sexy and a little scary
Steve Williams was bounced off Xfile by David Duchovney

Mark S chatted, - he was wearing a cyberman T shirt,  I said theat he had been a bit casual with the Dalek the day before - he'd just leant on it - he pointed to his T and said that it was these that scared him.  Like lasy, he had started siging the next one as I was talking, but was still talking to me!.  I think he only lingers if he has a name drop opportunity!  He is a lot like that.  But funny, so who cares?

I really think that Misha does not like MarkS

A great weekend

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